DEM SOLUTIONS is an Italian Company specialized in Professional Audio/Video Systems. Founded in 2013 by professionals who have been operating in the field for more than 20 years, its staff is made of high skilled technicians, and a large Network of Professional dealers all over the World.

Our company designs, develops and manufactures high-tech systems according to the latest technologies in the field of microelectronics and communications, with a view to innovation and customization; our products are custom designed for the user.

Our staff consists exclusively of highly qualified technicians and a large network of professional dealers located internationally.


Dem Solutions offers a wide range of cutting edge products, miniaturized and very low consumption. We take care of our products from the project to the production, developing the whole phase in our Company’s laboratory. Our aim is to design our systems for the customer’ personalization and satisfaction, in full respect of customer privacy. The attention and care to details, according to the quality and reliability of the production, is at the base of our offer. All our products make use of the updated technologies in microelectronics and telecommunication.


Dem Solutions is based in Italy, country of innovation and development of telecommunication technologies. Our company operates at International level and includes among its customers national and international government agencies, companies in the security field that actively collaborate with government and forensic investigation agencies, linked to official institutions.


We design and develop systems according to the latest technologies in the field of microelectronics and telecommunications, with a view to innovation and customization. Our products are custom designed for the user and tested to ensure efficiency and reliability. We also provide different solutions based on 4G, 3G, GPS and Radio Frequency, audio and video, depending on your needs. Our systems can also be used with remote servers via wireless and Ethernet connection.


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